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DCR Consulting advises customers primarily in the area of ​​complex data center migrations, relocations and consolidations.
Data center migrations are complex projects that affect all layers of a company. In order to carry out a migration without affecting daily business processes, all dependencies and influencing factors must be known. During migration waves, the activities of several hundred participants must be precisely planned and controlled. Migration procedures must balance time, cost and risk while meeting availability requirements. A structured and proven migration methodology is crucial for success.

Due to a long track record, DCR Consulting has extensive know-how in the area of ​​data center migrations and professional project management. 

Thanks to a proven and structured process model, DCR Consulting is your reliable partner in carrying out regional, national and global data center migrations.


DCR Consulting could even take care of the transport. 

But of course we leave this to the logistics companies that are specialized in data center relocation.